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Wednesday, 14 April 2021

STARS produce some stellar bowls

Members of STARS (formerly Suffolk West Emb Guild) and guests took part in a zoom workshop to make Thread Bowls.   Many were new to using soluble film and to free motion machine embroidery. Each person used the same taught techniques but worked in their own chosen colourway. The results are great.

Kay Phillips
This gorgeous bowl was made by Kay Phillips.
Inspired by bull rush heads. Kay says:

"An excellent day, I've always enjoyed being taught by you Mary. Overall I am very pleased with my first attempt. I will definitely do this again, ordering more Romeo today!"

Jenny Jarvis made this beautiful bowl in a range of purples with angelina film for extra shine.

Jenny says:
"I really enjoyed the day. Going to try another design today!

Suzanne Morton
Suzanne Morton is a highly accomplished hand embroiderer  but relatively new to machine stitching. Here is the fabulous 'Fire' bowl she created with a range of vibrant reds and oranges.

Jean Hurlock
Same technique but quite a different look to the bowl made by Jean Hurlock.

Jean says:
"My attempt a a seaweed looking rock pool. Thank you Mary for the workshop and an opportunity to develop this into more fun work"

Jane Kelly
Jane Kelly used the pack of materials supplied in the green/gold colourway to make this super bowl.

Jane says:
"I love how all the bowls are different. Love this technique, I am going to make lots of small ones as gifts"

Sue Morgan
Sue Morgan has a delightful fluted edge to her hot colours bowl.

Sue says:
" I just wanted to thank you for such a lovely workshop. I was a little uncertain as to whether I would be able to keep up in a real time on-line workshop, but your pace of delivery of each stage was so well-timed.
By the end of the workshop I felt confident to finish my bowl, that I had worked quite hard, but had a really fun day and was buzzing with what I achieved"

More bowls to follow in the next blog post. If you would like to learn the Thread Bowls technique I  offer it as an online zoom workshop or a face-to-face workshop for groups. 

Or book for the workshop at Oliven on Tuesday 15th June https://www.oliven.co.uk/

The Thread Bowls workshop is also being offered at The Festival of Quilts  https://www.thefestivalofquilts.co.uk/  Booking is not yet open

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