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Friday, 16 April 2021

STARS continue to shine

 STARS members and visitors made some delightful Thread Bowls at a recent zoom workshop. The finished results have been shared with all the participants via WhatsApp (STARS is a very friendly and supportive group) and I have the makers' permission to share them here too. 

Denise Sullivan

Heather Parker

 Denise Sullivan was one of our visitors - an honorary STAR for the day

Denise says:
"I really enjoyed Saturday and was surprised how successful a zoom workshop can be"

Heather Parker selected a range of blues and greens for for her lovely fluted edge bowl

Heather says:
"Bowl completed!"

Jackie Ferguson

Jackie Ferguson was inspired by leaves when stitching her fresh Spring bowl

Jackie says:
"Thank you so much for the great workshop today Mary, thoroughly enjoyed it"

Jane Marsh

 Jane Marsh could not attend the workshop on the day but worked completely from the set of instructions provided for all workshop participants. Lovely colour combination of turquoise and orange

Jane says:
"Thank you Mary for very comprehensive and clear instructions"

Sarah Burke
Sarah Burke selected a range of icy blues for her bowl.

Sarah says":
"Lovely workshop thank you. Having seen other people's bowls I feel the need to make another one with less fabric and more gaps. The free motion zigzag was an absolute revelation for me"

Caroline Anderson
 Caroline worked with a purple/green colourway

Caroline says:
Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Learnt a lot. Excited to make another to develop the technique. Thinking one could make seasonal ones, Christmas, Easter, Spring......endless possibilities"

Jenny Butcher

Jenny's Fire bowl is wonderfully jagged

Jenny says:
"All went well"

If you would like to learn the Thread Bowl technique the workshop can be booked by groups for delivery either by zoom or in person. Oliven are booking now for the workshop there on Tuesday 15th June https://www.oliven.co.uk/  or look out for the workshops at The Festival of Quilts when booking opens in May

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