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I am a textile artist living on the Suffolk Essex border. I am a member of the Out of the Fold Textile Group and the newly formed Spotlight Textiles. I am the Principal Tutor for Creative Stitch which offers courses in Creative Patchwork and Quilting and Creative Stitch Textiles. I teach each year at the Knitting & Stitching Shows and Festival of Quilts. I also offer workshops and talks to groups throughout the UK in person and via zoom. With a foot in both camps I am also a member of the QGBI and the specialist Contemporary Quilt Group and STARS (formerly Suffolk West Embroiderers Guild)

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Cover Girl

'Thatcher to May - Forty Years of Progress' the quilt I made for the Spotlight at 40 gallery at Festival of Quilts 2019 has made it onto the cover of my regional newsletter.

Fame at last...........................

Artists in Action zone at Ally Pally

 Been playing with some ideas for the AinA zone at Alexandra Palace on Friday.

The idea is not to 'demo' but to experiment, play with the materials provided by ArtVanGo and work as you do in your own workspace. Visitors can then see how you approach a piece of work and how you adapt to the process.

So I am not doing something tried and tested but trying out some new ideas using thermofax screens, printing inks, paper lamination and several different fabrics to see what works when building up layers.                                               

 Bit scary but........what could possibly go wrong?

Anyway if you are coming to Knitting & Stitching Show on Friday 11th October I will be on stand TGF0 from 10am until 6pm